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Methodist Town

St. Petersburg

What is this Porject?

Methodist Town Project, is a project that covers a sensitive topic.


words more of them

Final words. 

"A multitude of small delights constitute happiness"

Charles Baudelaire

The Spark

Why did we start this project? What started all of this a short description. 

The remaining will be explained on the "A Dream" Page 


What people motivated this project along who wanted to see this begin and end? Tampa Bay Times, Bernardo? Again depending on where we focuse this part of the story it can expand to the same page or another if needed. 


How many classes have worked on this what have student learned, and what will the community gain from it? 


We are at the end what stories have happened since/around this project? I will direct this link to the "Storie" page which will hold articles written and published about this project/ around it. 

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