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Historical records

Methodist Town —like many African American neighborhoods both in St. Petersburg and across the country — was undercovered and underrepresented by mainstream media outlets. In many cases, the underlying, systemic racism of the time influenced how African American communities were reported on, creating an incomplete, often inaccurate record of history. 

Alternate newspapers like The Weekly Challenger sought to fill the gaps. Black-owned and operated news outlets across the country dedicated their pages to covering African American neighborhoods and people in their entirety.  

As with many African American neighborhoods, the community members of Methodist Town took on the responsibility of record-keeping.


Below is a collection of historical articles, photos, and documents. 


This is a living, ever-expanding archive, and we will continue to add records and documentation as it comes available.

a note on the incomplete nature of historical documents

Newspaper clippings


Methodist Town Census

Year: Unknown 

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