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Norman Goins

By: Nicole Slaughter Graham

An internet search for the name "Norman Goins" will return the story of a professional boxer who hails from Indianapolis, IN. This is only part of the story.

Though Goins cultivated a successful boxing career while in the Job Corps in Indianapolis, he's actually a Florida-native. Goins was born and raised in Methodist Town. It was at the Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) in St. Petersburg that Goins first found an interest in boxing. 

Goins was affectionately known as "Two-By" in Methodist Town. This, says fellow resident, Goliath Davis III, is because his arms looked as though they were double-jointed (they were not).

During his career, Goins earned the two titles: 1970 National Golden Gloves lightweight champion and the 1972 National AAU Lightweight champion.

His most famous fight was in 1978 against Howard Davis Jr., who was an Olympic champion at the time. Even though Davis Jr., won the fight by decision, many would argue that Goins was actually deserving of the title. 


Goliath Davis III

Indiana Historical Society

Norman Goins, boxer

Photo courtesy of the Indiana Historical Society

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